The Only’s (A virtual band)




     The Only’s is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, composer and song-writer Mark Poseler. Mark creates alt-rock music as a one man virtual band, in the rural outskirts of Toledo, Ohio. Embracing a DIY motto, The Only’s eponymous debut album, was engineered, produced and recorded by Mark himself.  “I wanted to see what would happen if no one else was around in the studio.” he explains. “It was a bit of an experiment for me in creating and writing songs and recording without boundaries.”




     Getting inspiration from bands like Muse, Twenty One Pilots, and Awolnation, The Only’s explore a variety of sounds and styles within the vast umbrella of alternative music. Tracks range from melody driven alt-sublime space rock, to lighter almost happy dream like tunes; twisting and turning its way with a distinct catchiness. “I didn’t want to box myself in too much, my goal was always to make the best songs I could, regardless of what genre that fits in.” Mark continues, “But there’s definitely a style in what I write and play, and that’s what ties it all together.




In 2016, the first studio album was released under The Only’s moniker. The debut featured 16 original tracks, and a remake of the 1967 Pink Floyd song, “Bike”.  The Only’s follow up 9 track record hit stores in late 2017. VIEW DISCOGRAPHY AND TRACK LISTING




     Today, Mark is touring as a solo/acoustic artist and performing songs from The Only’s catalog of original music. The Only’s music reaches audiences across the US and a growing online community of fans have quickly emerged. For a list of recent venues please click HERE