I’m sure you’ve heard the question, If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?  I say it does… uh… I think so… or… Maybe not?  How about this one, If someone makes some music, but no one gets to hear it, is the music fulfilling any real purpose? Or is the sound that they have worked so hard to create lost?  Lost in the endless abyss of information that we now have access to everyday.

I’m a musician.  I grew up in a small town, playing just about any instrument I could get my hands on. In high school, I was a drummer in the marching band.  During my college years, I studied at “Playing every bar and club in the Midwest” university.  I traveled the country, wrote lots of songs, played lots of instruments, and my bands became quite popular.  It’s been pretty great…  But lately, I’ve been writing songs like a MADMAN, in complete isolation from the world.  Just me, some microphones, and the quiet countryside keeping me company.


I’ve thrown inhibition out the window and created something NEW.  I’m using everything I’ve learned from my obsessive addiction to music, and channeling  it into a ONE OF A KIND album.  The ultimate expression of my musical journey thus far. Like chopping a tree down with no one else around. But instead, making a record.

But something’s happened…It just doesn’t feel right knowing that I am THE ONLY one who gets to hear it.  I’ve made this record, but without sharing it, does it even matter?  The way I see it, it’s you, the listener, that makes it all matter!  I NEED YOU… I need you to hear this tree fall!  Without YOU there is no music.

I look forward to many more fun and exciting experiences in this musical journey. Here’s to hoping that you are a part of that journey.  Thank you for listening and making it all matter.

And thanks for being a supporter of independent music!

If you would like to hear what I’ve been working on, here’s where you can get it.

Thank you for listening and making it all matter.

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